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The first time I took it [marijuana] I got very high indeed. It was quite a breakthrough, it was something different. George Harrison, John and I were sitting in the main room of the suite, the lounge, drinking. We were sitting there with our Scotch and Cokes, and [Bob] Dylan had just given Ringo a puff of it. Ringo came back in and we said, ‘How is it?’ He said, ‘The ceiling’s coming down on me.’ And we went, Wow! Leaped up, ‘God! Got to do this!’ So we ran into the back room - first John, then me and George, then Brian [Epstein]. We all had a puff and for about five minutes we went, ‘This isn’t doing anything,’ so we kept having more. ‘Sssshhh! This isn’t doing anything. Are you feeling… ggggzzzzz!’ and we started giggling uncontrollably.

And it was very very funny and my, it was. It was! The Beatles were about humour, we had a great humour between us. There was an ‘in’ side to the track of humour that we would use as a protective thing, so with this on top of it, things were really hilarious. I remember walking round the suite, trying to get away from it all, closing the door behind me without realising George Harrison had walked step by step with me, so I thought I’d lost him, turned around, and he’s in the room with me. ‘Ohhh! This is hilarious. I can’t handle it!’ It was like the funniest bloody dream going on.

Paul McCartney remembering when Bob Dylan introduced The Beatles to marijuana, Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now (via thateventuality)


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